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Every revision comes with a test link, so that you can test it in real conditions.


When it suits you, we send the filter to the validation process of the targeted platform.


Once approved by the platform, the filter is all yours and available on your account.

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Templated creation

Standard plan

For each request you start by choosing one or multiple Templates.

All templates you select will be combined in one unique filter.

Custom creation

Professional plan

Subscribing to the professional plan will give you the possibility to let your imagination roam free. Let’s create magic together.

Templates List
Card image cap

Build your effect with music and sound samples.

Card image cap

Change the background of the filter.

Card image cap

Add a makeup filter.

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Face decoration

Build your effect using 3D objects bound to the face.

Card image cap

Use the particle system to add awesome effects to your filter.

Card image cap
Face mask

Decorate the user's face with a face mask.

Card image cap
Neck decoration

Build your effect using 3D objects bound to the neck.

Card image cap
Color effect

Modify the colors of your filter.

Card image cap
Head decoration

Build your effect using 3D objects bound to the head.

Card image cap
World object

Build your scene with a 3D object bound to the real world.

Card image cap
Marker/Image tracker

Bring an image to life using a target tracker.

Card image cap
360 World

Create an immersive experience using 360 images.

Card image cap
Which ... are you?

Create your own viral "which ... are you?" effect.

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